About Progressive Metal Service

Progressive Metal Service, Incorporated is a manufacturing company with five machine shops and other service companies at our disposal. We started contract machine work in 1981. Our ability to furnish jobs ‘turnkey’ allows you to secure the best prices and delivery from a multitude of sources without going through the tedious task of dealing with several vendors to get the job completed.

We have experienced staff to perform evaluations of certifications to insure compliance with customer specifications. We also have a captive heat treat facility as well as a captive coating shop (phosphate, moly, and xylan). We also have a great deal of experience in procuring and manufacturing parts made of exotic alloys such as inconel, monel, and hastelloy.

Our Quality System is certified/ registered to ISO9001:2008. This quality system helps us help you by eliminating non-conforming parts from reaching your facility.

Our goal at Progressive Metal Service, Incorporated is to provide you with the highest quality parts at a competitive price with ‘on time’ delivery. We are a full service organization committed to assisting you in reducing your costs while gaining more service. We stock parts for many of our customers and we will gladly consider this option for your company. We have built many parts for the oil field industry including gates, seats, stems, seals, drive nuts, spacers, valve bodies, tailpieces, adapters, cover plates, tubing and casing heads, subsea clamps, and many other parts too numerous to list. Please see the attached facilities list. As you will see we have a wide range equipment at our disposal from which we can machine large and small parts. We can also machine parts in production numbers or small quantities. If you have requirements that need to be met, please give us a call. We will be happy to quote you.

We are currently serving areas in Louisiana & Texas including Shreveport, Bossier City, Monroe, Alexandria, Baton Rouge Lafayette, New Orleans, Houston, Longview, Tyler, Nacogdoches and many more!